[Soekris] More Ethernet Ports on Net4501

Aditya aditya at mighty.grot.org
Thu Jun 6 21:14:50 UTC 2002

On Thu, Jun 06, 2002 at 03:51:15PM -0500, Matt wrote:
> Are there any plans to add more ethernet ports to the net4501?  I would like
> 4 or 5 ports to make a smart switch.  3 is barely enough for this
> application.

although 4-5 isn't enough to make you want to do this, you can "increase" the
number of ports (as long as you don't need more bandwidth) using 802.1q or
similar VLAN trunking and an external switch...it works well under NetBSD and
FreeBSD in my experience...

As far as adding them to the net4501, I don't think you should hold your
breath -- apart from the already tight physical fit, you wouldn't get
wirespeed on those interfaces either...


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