[Soekris] OT: striped down FreeBSD = broke PPPoE

Larry Baird lab at gta.com
Wed Jul 31 02:43:46 UTC 2002

> To follow-up, the solution was removing NETGRAPH* from the kernel
> config.  It appears the ppp wants to load only the modules.  *shrug*.
Hmm, I had userland PPP working on a 4501 without loading any modules.
All needed NETGRAPH moduled were linked into the kernel.  Due to slow
performance with userland PPP on high speed DSL (8mbps) links I have
switched to mpd.  Using mpd I get significantly faster throughput with
less load on the box.

> Also note, some DSL modems don't also sync up, I had to force the
> ethernet interface to 10baseT half-deplux.
Under FreeBSD we have had problems getting the sis driver to actually
configure to use a hardcoded speed and or duplex.  No matter what it
always tries to do auto-configuration.  Set the speed to say 100mbps,
hook it up to your modem.  Use ifconfig to query the media.  You will
see it showing a confiured value of 100mpbs.  You will also probably
see it show a using value of 10mbps.


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