[Soekris] attaching the net4521 to a panel?

dirkx@covalent.net dirkx at covalent.net
Wed Jul 31 20:50:38 UTC 2002

> I am trying to figure out how to attach standoffs for my net4521 to the
> broad side of my waterproof enclosure. The sides are thin steel---too
> thin to take threads. It is important that the attachment hardware for
> the standoffs is rugged, vibration- and tamper-proof, and "leakproofable."

The common way to do this is use a steel or plastic plate - about the size
of your board; mount the standoff items through/on that board and then
glue that entire board to the side of your enclosure. Depending on the
material of the board you either stance the holes up to make the bottom
flush, use a thick enough material for threads or taper the holes far
enough and use angular bolts. Or alternatively with an O ring bolt it
through the side with a corrugated link-in construction (sorry for the
crap translations). You propably want to groove the latter.


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