FW: [Soekris] Soekris 4521 reboots

Michael DeMan michael at staff.openaccess.org
Mon Jul 29 15:20:05 UTC 2002

Is there a serial number range or other way that we can check our current
4521 units to see if they are subject to this problem.
- mike

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> Hi Jim & List,
> Jim TerWee wrote:
>> I also have the problem with Mikrotik aka Senao cards also doing random
>> reboots. I also tested with a 30 mw Prism card, 100mw Aironet amd a Lucent
>> Card which works flawlessly. With the 200 mw card as long as I don't load
>> the card its fine as soon as pull bandwidth the 4521 will randomly reboot I
>> have never made it more then 7 minutes. So I would guess that the hostap
>> driver is not to blame. I noticed another poster Jim Thompson also sells
>> these cards maybe he has a fix as these are identical to his.
> There is an issue with a new power supply circuit on the latest net4521
> production series, having problems with large transient current draw on
> the 3.3V power line. If that 200mW card is a 3.3V card, then that power
> supply issue is probably causing your problem.
> Anybody experiencing that problem problem can return the net4521 for
> modification.
> If you fell like it and have a soldering iron, you can also do the
> modification yourself:
> Replace the resistor R76 with a 39Kohm 5% 0603 size resistor. R76 is
> located next to U6 in the corner with the three tall electrolytic
> capacitors.
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