[Soekris] keeping the net4521 warm in winter?

Scott L Lykens slykens at verimedservices.com
Thu Jul 25 15:06:44 UTC 2002

An idea might be a thermoelectric module (aka Peltier device). It is a
solid-state theroelectric device that draws heat energy from one side
and deposits it on the other, it essentially acts as a heat pump with no
moving parts. This is reversible such that in the summer you could use
it to help cool your enclosure and in the winter to heat it.

The beer cooler that I bought will maintain an internal temperature of 1
degree C with outside temperatures in the 25 to 30 C range (plus hold
more than a case of beer and some burgers!) As far as warming the specs
indicate it will warm to as much as 50 C. The entire cooler I bought was
USD$80, therefore I can't imagine the actual thermoelectric module
itself costing more than $20 or $25.

See http://www.peltier-info.com/ for more information.


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I am building outdoor enclosures for my net4521s using surplus
ammunition cans. I think I can defeat sunlight, precipitation, and
condensation without modifying the cans too much, but I do not know how
to keep a canned Soekris board within temp specs (minimum 0 C) in winter
cold (-40 C).

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive way to keep the can's insides warm
electrically? I have an energy budget: whatever my PoE injector can
provide, minus a few tens of feet of cable losses.

Also, what is a circuit I can build for cheap that lets me monitor
temperature in the can? I prefer something I can plug into the GPIO or
serial port.


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