[Soekris] keeping the net4521 warm in winter?

dirkx@covalent.net dirkx at covalent.net
Thu Jul 25 16:29:17 UTC 2002

> Can anyone suggest an inexpensive way to keep the can's insides warm
> electrically? I have an energy budget: whatever my PoE injector can
> provide, minus a few tens of feet of cable losses.

Have a look at 'heating wire' - outlets which sell outdoor containments
for, say, trafficlight controllers have a good choise of them. (Or any
shop doing outdoor instrumentation for research).

It is basically a soft plasticy thick wire which is a big resistor.
Either fixed lenght/voltage or you cut it to size. You loop it around your
containment and drive a current through it. They are very efficient - and
because the outside is well shielded and does not get hotter than some 80C
- you can loop it flat against the board and then stryowrap it to keep the
heat in.


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