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Mark Koskenmaki technical at gotourown.com
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These people have some 100 mw cards, and they currently have some 160 mw
versions.    Eventually, they will be releasing some 200 mw cards, I

There are some 200 mw cards out there now from Senao, but I understand they
experience some heat issues, which degrades thier performance.

Also, check out these numbers for recieve sensitivity.


combined with

http://www.station-server.com   software, which has a protocol you can use
to go long distances,

These cards, with a soekris board, good antennas could make a very good P2P
link inexpensively.     With the routing in StarOS (station-server.com )
you could even use TWO sets of cards and antennas to make more throughput -
or go full duplex - routing out one link and in the other.

Mind you, I haven't done it... YET.

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> Hi Mark,
> At 12:56 PM 19/07/2002 -0700, Soren Kristensen wrote:
> >Hi Mark,
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> >Mark Koskenmaki wrote:
> >>
> >> Can the Net 4521 power a couple of high power wireless PC cards?
> When you say:   "high power wireless PC cards" to wthich cards do you
refer ?
> Regards
> Marco Adamo
> >>
> >> I believe the power usage each is 400 to 500 milliamps..    Or does it
> >> some internal current limiting that might cause problems?
> >
> >That should be fine, there are allocated 2.5W of power per PC-Card slot,
> >and you can use 1W more per slot if you don't use the Mini-PCI slot.
> >
> >
> >Soren
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