[Soekris] OT: striped down FreeBSD = broke PPPoE

Matt Peterson matt at peterson.org
Wed Jul 24 19:40:31 UTC 2002

On Wed, Jul 24, 2002 at 07:55:10PM +0200, Manuel Kasper wrote:

> Are there any error messages that could help tracking this issue down? What
> does kldstat say when ppp is running? Any ppp.log output? Also, is it really
> related to the stripped down version (does it work on a normal FreeBSD
> machine?)?

Works great on my laptop (same ppp.conf, infact I used this source tree
to build the MiniBSD distro).  Same netgraph modules are loaded (I use
loader.conf to pre-load them, but ppp byself will do it too).  Nothing
on ppp.log.  The only error messages are to do w/o the modules (
module_register: module netgraph already exists!).  I've attached a
ktrace of running ppp and attempting to dial.  I'm not sure what else to
do, the modules are there (kldstat verifies this) along with the correct
libs.  Thanks for the help!

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