[Soekris] OT: striped down FreeBSD = broke PPPoE

Manuel Kasper mk at neon1.net
Wed Jul 24 17:55:10 UTC 2002

> For kicks, is anyone else with a MiniBSD/striped down FreeBSD using
> PPPoE?  My distro is ~23Mb and even though I've copied over the netgraph
> modules, I'm having a hell of time getting a PPPoE connection to work.
> Just wondering is anyone has sucessfully used the userland PPP with evil
> PPPoE?

PPPoE support is almost the whole reason why I use "MiniBSD" as a gateway at
all! (braindead ZyXEL routers can't handle more than 256 concurrent TCP
I've never ever had any problems with PPPoE, neither on my normal machines
nor on the stripped-down one ("MiniBSD" running on a Soekris box). It works
rock-solid, and if you use the "enable lqr" option it will even detect if
the ADSL link (in my case) goes down and will keep trying to reestablish the
PPPoE session.

All I had to do to get it to work was to copy over the following modules:


(kldstat indicates that ppp loads all of them when you open a PPPoE

No special kernel options, only the normal userland ppp required. My
ppp.conf looks like this:

      set log Phase tun command
      set ifaddr

    set device PPPoE:sis1
    set MRU 1492
    set MTU 1492
    set lqrperiod 20
    enable lqr
    set authname xxxxxxxx
    set authkey xxxxxxxx
    set dial
    set login
    add default HISADDR

    nat enable yes
    nat target MYADDR

Are there any error messages that could help tracking this issue down? What
does kldstat say when ppp is running? Any ppp.log output? Also, is it really
related to the stripped down version (does it work on a normal FreeBSD



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