[Soekris] Soekris Net2521 Noise

Anthony DeRobertis asd at suespammers.org
Fri Jul 19 15:26:58 UTC 2002

On Wednesday, July 17, 2002, at 05:46 , Rick Compton wrote:

> The Slot 0 card sits in close proximity to some chips and caps 
> on the board?
> Has anybody else observed this, and if so is there a fix?

Never used that board, but would it be possible to fit some sort 
of shield (Faraday-cage style) around the card? That would 
eliminate a lot of RF interference, but if its just a power 
distortion, it won't help.

Also, is the slot its in the only variable? Maybe a N connect is 
another, for example?

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