[Soekris] test

Jim Thompson jim at musenki.com
Thu Jul 4 20:38:11 UTC 2002

Now that the list is working again...  I called Soren yesterday
to report the list down, and check to ensure that the following
message was OK.

I've started to sell 200mW PC Cards, perfect for that wireless
router/AP that you're building with Soekris boards.

  PC Card (PCMCIA) 
  3.3V/5V compatible.  
  Chipset: Intersil Prism 2.5.  Runs 'hostap' driver just fine.  
  TX power: 200mW (23dBm +/- 2dBm)
  Antenna connectors: dual MMCX connectors, **NO INTERNAL ANTENNA* 
  RX sensitivity:
    The manufacturer (Senao) says that they rate the RX sensitivity at 
    -95dBm -93dBm -91dBm -89dBm for 1, 2, 5.5 and 11Mbps.

You can compare this to other cards here:

I've got 100 of these on the way (with more behind).  The first 35 should
show up next week (all the US stock that can be had), with the rest 2-4
weeks out (prism2/2.5 cards are on allocation.)

Spec sheet: http://www.musenki.com/~jim/SENAO-DOE08-SL-2511CD-PLUS-EXT-2.pdf

And here's the pricing.
  quantity     price (plus shipping. add sales tax if you live in TX)
   1 -  19     $99
  20 -  39     $89
  40 - 100     $75
  100+         $70

No kidding, 200mW.  Just remember that more than 13dBi of antenna gain,
and you go illegal.

I do have to emphasize that this isn't Musenki selling these, but rather
me, Jim Thompson, personally.

I'm also working on getting FCC certification for Senao's 200mW miniPCI
card, with a set of pigtails and a gang of associated omni (2.2, 5.0,
8, 10, 12dBi), patch (8 and 13dBi) and yaggi (12dBi) models.

802.11a and 802.11g (OFDM, not PBCC) cards (with drivers and antennas) are 
also in the works.


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