[Soekris] Guide to reducing FreeBSD (a.k.a. miniBSD :)

Manuel Kasper mk at neon1.net
Mon Jul 1 10:37:23 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I've just finished my guide on how to strip FreeBSD of "unnecessary"
things to get it to fit well on a 64 MB CF card, without going as
minimalistic as e.g. PicoBSD. I wanted something in between a FreeBSD
"minimal" install (which still takes up about 80 MB) and PicoBSD. If
you're interested, it's available on


Some FreeBSD knowledge is required to get it to work, however. I now
have FreeBSD 4.6 running on my net4501; the operating system takes up
about 38 MB on the CF card (including frills like perl, thttpd, dhcpd,
...); without perl it works out to about 28 MB - so there's ample space
left for user data. I've tried not to sacrifice any important
funcionality, and so you can ssh/ftp in like on a normal FreeBSD system,
and most commands are available.

I welcome any suggestions/feedback on how this guide could be improved.



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