[Soekris] Questions on new products

Tener, Stuart B., IT3 , USNR-R stuart at bh90210.net
Mon Jul 1 08:05:22 UTC 2002

List members:

	I am curious about some of the new Soekris products which may
come out in the future!

	(a) Are there plans for the VPN 1201/1211 to ever come out in a
PCMCIA format?

	(b) Are there plans for the net 4521, or other boards to accept
two or more minipci cards?

	(c) Are the new wan boards going to be mini pci based (the lot
of them that I see listed)?

	(d) Can the ATM25 (presuming its mini pci) allow one of the
other type Soekris boards to actually be made into a real DSL modem
(i.e. allowing that a DSL modem can be rolled from Linux or FreeBSD)?

	(e) Do other mini pci boards (lets say a standard modem+Ethernet
as in a laptop) work fine in the Soekris 4521 and other such models
(presuming the proper Linux drivers for the same board existed for the
laptop in the first place)?

	(f) For one I am thinking if the ATM25 board was designed not
unlike those modem + Ethernet boards, perhaps one (if mini pci) could be
installed into a laptop, and the laptop could have a built in DSL modem
using the modem jack, and the Ethernet jack on a standard laptop which
had its modem + Ethernet in it replaced!

	(g) Can the VPN boards be used in laptops via the mini pci port?

Very Respectfully, 

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