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Mart notmart at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 28 16:16:11 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I've put together a method of PXE-booting the 4501 to a live RedHat NFS
root.  If anyone's interested or wants a quick way to play around with
their 4501 without storage, I'd be happy to share the images and

Basically what I did was use the RedHat PXE server, along with the
PXELINUX NBP that comes with SYSLINUX, a kernel I built myself and a
stripped-down RedHat that I built myself exported over NFS.  The
filesystem I currently have is about 200 MB but I am hoping I can make it
smaller.  The nice thing is it's RPM-based all the way.

One gotcha for anyone who might be trying to do the same thing... enabling
DHCP kernel IP autoconfiguration in your boot kernel won't work, because
for some reason the kernel waits for all three interfaces to get
configured.  I turned on autoconfiguration, but turned off all the
autoconfiguration protocols and used the nfsaddrs= bootparam to configure
the first interface.

If anyone's interested, I will probably write a webpage with instructions
and downloadable images... seems like most people are doing BSD though.



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