[Soekris] PCI slot info

Soren Kristensen soren at soekris.com
Thu Feb 28 02:20:01 UTC 2002

Hi Paul,

Paul Faber wrote:
> Looking to hack the PCI slot.

What's the purpose ? Maybe I get help you with easier solutions.... If
it's for wireless, you might want to look at Mini-PCI boards, or the new
D-link DWL-520 PCI board that is 3.3V only and reported to work just
> I know there is only 3.3v wired to the PCI connector... but other than that
> it *should* be a standard PCI slot correct?

There is also 5V wired, but with limited current capability. Normal
0.1A, but you can draw more if you supply the board with a lower
voltage, as it's just a linear regulator.
> An adapter board with 12V/ground supplied to the bus should then enable a PCI
> compliant slot correct?  Since there is a second power connector on the board
> for external PS (up to and including 20V) an adapter board and a custom cable
> should then be able to power the PCI slot at 12V and the board at its normal
> 5V.

Should be possible.
> Has this been tried before?
> Is the Net4521 any closer to getting done (so I can avoid this hack :) )

Production quantites of the net4521 will hopefully be available
sometimes in March, pending procurement of certain parts that I'm quoted
long leadtimes on....



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