[Soekris] OpenBSD install and net4501

Soren Kristensen soren at soekris.com
Mon Feb 18 20:23:46 UTC 2002

Hi Everybody,

"S. Aeschbacher" wrote:
> Another thing I forgot to mention is, that some (few?!) CF-brands do not
> work
> with the net4501.
> I made some pretty annoying experience with PQI-CF's.
> IIRC you mentioned sandisk CF's, to my knowledge these should work

Just for information, I have found out what the problem is with (at
least) some of the CF cards not working in the net4501:

Some CF modules do not conform to the ATA specification which require a
pullup resistor on the -DASP signal at the ATA device. This cause the CF
module to wait 32 sec for a nonexistent slave. The -DASP signal also
serves as an activivity indicator after initializing, so the reason that
the CF module work in a PC is what most PC's have a LED connected to VCC
on the signal, acting as a pullup....

I will add a pullup on the net4501, but not until I update the board
anyway. If somebody want to add a resistor themselve, the -DASP signal
is pin 45 on the CF socket.



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