[Soekris] Re: ALTQ on sis interface (DP83815 10/100) - init_machclk() fault

Kenjiro Cho kjc at csl.sony.co.jp
Mon Feb 18 16:50:03 UTC 2002

matt <matt at ice-nine.org> wrote:
>   Wanted to run this before a few eyes before I file a bug report.
>   Platform is a Soekris Engineering net4501, a singleboard x86 system
>   with three sis ethernet interfaces.
>   I'm mostly worried that I've overlooked something simple, and
>   this panic is my own fault. Trace and everything are inline, it will
>   be extremely difficult to get a core -- storage space is limited.
>   If anyone has some insight, please clue me in.
>   GENERIC kernel and altq tools are both compiled from 3.0 branch
>   cvsup'ed yesterday (17/02/02).

You need to set ALTQ_NOPCC option for non-pentium CPUs without the
TSC feature.  In -current, ALTQ detects it, kernel gives a warning
message, and altqd simply fails.


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