[Soekris] Rebooting net4501 causes clock to be reset to defaults

Michael Sierchio kudzu at tenebras.com
Sun Dec 1 17:14:08 UTC 2002

Ben Lovett wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running OpenBSD 3.2-current on a net4501 (installed using the
> opensoekris scripts). I am noticing that whenever the device is rebooted
> (through the use of halt, or reboot, whatever), the hardware clock is
> reset to Jan. 1, 1980. I seem to remember having this problem in the
> past, but it hasn't shown itself again until recently.
> Has anyone else noticed anything like this? I'm wondering if its either
> some strange interaction between the system call to reboot the device,
> or possibly if my clock battery has died.

Same behavior under FreeBSD.  Would love an explanation of this...

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