[Soekris] Bug at VPN1201 card or on OpenBSD3.1

chee@iijmio-mail.jp chee at iijmio-mail.jp
Wed Aug 21 05:25:08 UTC 2002

Through my test using CPUs([5678]00MHz and 1GHz) I found that
the thruput with VPN1201 seems to hit the ceiling near 50Mbps
in spite of the CPU clocks.

And I wonder about your 74Mb/s enabled case. Could you tell me
about the specs of the `two fast machines'?


>>>>> On Fri, 2 Aug 2002 22:27:42 -0700
>>>>> "Sam Leffler" <sam at errno.com> wrote:

> in my testing I see 74Mb/s running netperf over a 3des+md5
> IPsec tunnel between two fast machines, each with a Hifn 7951 card.

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