[Soekris] 100 Milliwatt CF card

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Mon Aug 19 09:04:00 UTC 2002

Oops, I meant 100mw. I need the compact flash wireless card because my IBM X-20 only has one PCMCIA slot which I am already using. Maybe a USB wireless device would also work?

Stephen von Voros

>Stephen von Voros:
>>>does anyone know of a 100mw or better 801.11 wireless CF card to
>>>use in my IBM laptop to access my access point?
>> I think you probably mean 100 milliwatt... :)
>> I just ordered a 180 mW card from http://www.demarctech.com - haven't
>> received it yet, so can't comment on performance. I chose it not only
>> because of the transmit power, but also because of the high receive
>> sensitivity (the other half of the equation :). I suspect it's an OEM
>> version of the Zcomax XI-325H1.
>I ordered some Zcomax XI-325H (the 100mW version) directly from Zcomax. 
>The higher-powered one was still pending FCC approval when I checked 
>their site last. The cards seem to work great with hostap under FreeBSD, 
>and the custom-made access points seems to have a noticably larger range 
>than Linksys ones, using similar rubber ducky antennas.
>Lars Eggert <larse at isi.edu>           USC Information Sciences Institute
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