[Soekris] SLIC card interface

Matt Peterson matt at peterson.org
Thu Aug 15 08:48:55 UTC 2002

I don't think QuickNet offers any cards in the MiniPCI form factor (I
could be wrong, please slap me if so).  The net4501 only powers 3.3v PCI
cards.  I've bunch trying to hunt down such a sound card with no luck (I
thought I'd have success with a Creative Labs LIVE which had PCI notchs
for both 3.3 & 5v, but it also locked up my system).  You may need to
solder in an external p/s into the PCI leads or something hackish.  Your
other option is a PCMCIA QuickNet card on a net4511/4521.

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 01:34:03PM +0530, Ramana Murty wrote:
> Hi
> I am trying to interface Linux Jack (Subscriber Line Interface Card)
> to net4501, over its Mini PCI type-III socket.  net4501 is powered with
> a 9V adapter. The board goes to error state. The details of the Linux
> Jack are at  http://www.linuxjack.com. Did any one try interfacing this
> card to net4501 board. Can I know the powering requirements and
> modifications needed for this.

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