[Soekris] net4521 - PCMCIA card recommendations needed

Bobby Sardana sardana at obsoft.com
Mon Aug 5 06:46:22 UTC 2002

Greetings everyone:

I was wondering if someone who owns a net4521 can provide the following

a. Recommendation of PCMCIA card with detachable antenna that worked on
net4521 with Linux and Host AP driver. The idea is to setup net4521 as an

b. What specific wireless card, PCMCIA or micro-PCI, works well with Linux
on net4521? Any preferences?

c. Will the antenna require a drilling to the case? Or does the net4521 case
already has a hole for the antenna?

I could not find any details regarding the case for net4521.

Would appreciate all answers.


Bobby Sardana.
sardana at obsoft.com

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