[Soekris] 10/100 Cardbus NIC for net4521

Rob Holland spam at ereet.co.uk
Thu Aug 1 08:56:17 UTC 2002


Have any of you out there installed a cardbus 10/100 nic in a net4521 and
got it to fit ok?

I'm trying to create a firewall with a wavelan interface so I'd like one
pc-card wireless nic and the other to be a "wired" 10/100 nic. The
wireless one is no problem, I'm just struggling to find a wired card that
will fit ok in the net4521 box (including dongle). I'm planning to
"adjust" the case at the front to turn one of the antenna holes into an
rj45 shaped hole and attach the end of the pc-cards dongle to the back of
it. If anyone has any better suggestions please let me know :)



rob holland

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