[Soekris] ideal OS for access point?

Chris Cappuccio chris at dqc.org
Thu Apr 11 02:20:20 UTC 2002

Bryan D. Payne [bdpayne at cs.umd.edu] wrote:
> > A FreeBSD HostAP mode port does exist
> > <http://home.pacbell.net/skibo/hostap.tgz> (folks in BAWUG are working
> > on style-compliant -STABLE/-CURRENT patches).
> Ahhh...thanks for the link.  I figured that this had to exist, but
> couldn't find it anywhere.  Of course, this now means that I have to go
> back to the linux vs. bsd issue...

OpenBSD recently imported this driver.  Work is progressing very
quickly, and with OpenBSD's IPsec support with the hifn chip,
it seems like an ideal OS for this purpose.  With IPsec layered on top,
802.11 becomes somewhat secure.  

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